Microwd is Launching Soon

Microwd is Australia’s first equity crowdfunding platform for women-led companies.
Formerly known as PledgeMe Pty Ltd (which has been raising funds for companies since 2019) Microwd is now wholly focused on showcasing inspiring early-stage growth companies led by women seeking to raise growth capital.

Shining the spotlight on women-led early-stage growth companies

Around the world, a significant shift within the global investment ecosystem is taking place right now to promote, support and showcase women-led companies. We’re seeing the formation of venture funds, government grants, and investment vehicles – all dedicated mechanisms to showcase and back companies either founded or/ and led by women.

Microwd is soon launching in Australia giving eligible retail investors the opportunity to back Australian women-led early-stage growth companies. Retail investors will be able to view, invest and become a shareholder online – all in one easy to use equity crowdfunding platform.

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Are you looking to raise capital?
If you’re a women-led company looking to run an equity crowdfunding campaign during 2022, we’d love to connect to discuss how Microwd can help you to achieve your capital raising goals.

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We’re pushing the limits of crowdfunding in more ways than one to level out the field. Firstly, companies can circumvent the traditional channels of finance and raise capital in a space traditionally limited to startups at concept stage. Secondly, it lets anyone own a share of a company in just four clicks, from small scale to macro level. The catalyst was new legislation making access to crowd-sourced equity funding easier in Australia. We jumped on the opportunity to launch a concept that directly connects innovators and forward-thinking investors including VCs, Family Offices and High net Worth individuals. The world is quickly evolving and investing shouldn’t be bound by traditional industries, rules or pathways.

If you’re looking to take the next step, get in touch with us.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the process of raising money from a large number of people to fund a project or idea.

After a very long wait, the Crowd-sourced Funding Act 2017 is finally here. The rest of the world has been able to play in this space for years, and Australian investors can finally participate in equity crowdfunding too.

The new legislation provides a regulatory framework for Crowd-sourced Equity Funding (CSEF) and enables a large number of individuals to make small financial investments in exchange for an equity stake in an enterprise. Under this legislation, unlisted public companies can raise up to $5 million from investors each year.

Unlike traditional capital raising (where enterprises must knock on doors endlessly), web-based crowdfunding means they can approach thousands of potential investors instantly. These innovative enterprises can now bypass venture capitalists and angel investors entirely and pitch their opportunity straight to the crowd who can provide the capital they need.

Traditionally, a tight-knit group of high net worth individuals held the keys to the investment arena. Angel investors and capitalists were the gatekeepers, and they were notoriously particular with whom they let in. Far too many ideas and opportunities were simply tossed aside as they didn’t conform to the VC model appetite. Crowdfunding has unlocked the gate and put funding for innovation in the hands of the crowd.

due to go live pre-christmas 2021

Contracted Deals

raising up to $400,000

Birds on Bikes

Birds on Bikes is an early-stage growth, ethical cycling apparel brand celebrating women of all shapes and sizes. The focus of the company is about creating clothes wich are anatomically desinged for the diversity of shape and size that are also comfortable and stylish. We are passionate about given women world-wide greater choice to look and feel the part of the
cycling community, regardless of their body type. Our clothing is made to inspiere women to get out and ride,for health, for fun and to feel
good within themselves.

Raising up to $500,000

BlueSky Beverages

Blue Sky Beverages is a multi channel business operating in the multi billion beverage and packaging services markets. Providing Austalian businesses, a ZERO WASTE / INFINITELY RECYCLABLE brand and pack solutions. Offering Australia`s only offering in an infinitely recylable aluminium bottle – we are here to combat single use plastic and packaging waste. We are commited to offering EVERY AUSTRALIAN beverage and brewing business a ZERO WASTE / INFINITELY RECYCLABLE service that will see thousands of tonnes of plastic and packaging waste removed from the environment each year. Offering 000’s of Australian businesses their own voice in offering an alternatice to single use plastic.

Raising up to $500,000

PledgeMe Australia

PledgeMe Australia is 1 of 5 active equity crowd funding platforms in Australia. Equity crowd funding is a rapidly growing sector and is quickly replacing the traditional Series Seed round. More and more companies are turning to equity crowd funding as a way to raise money. PledgeMe Australia is now majority owned by Finley Capital Partners, a full -service capital advisory business based in Queensland. PledgeMe has a strong brand and track record in raising capital and very strong deal flow with a proven investor database. PledgeMe aim is to become the primary equity crowd funding platform in QLD and across Australia.

Raising up to $500,000

What's Doing App

What’s doing is an app developed with the purpose of connecting its users to the best venues for food. drinks and entertainment in their respective location. The app enables users to search for events and specials or to simply browse. With over 10,000 downloads and 1500 per month.